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Here are a few examples of my recent instrument restoration work that illustrates the care and attention that is needed in bring antique instruments back to life.

Violin broken and cracked needing repair


Violin Repair & Restoration

The violin cam into the shop with cracks to the top, ribs and the seam along the back. The finish on the instrument was spoilt with ingrained dirt.


Violin Repair & Restoration

The top and the fingerboard were removed to undertake the crack repairs.

Violin top and fingerboard remove to repair cracks
Violin sanded back to the bare wood


Violin Repair & Restoration

After sanding the violin back the bare wood elastic bands were used to clamp the repairs to the ribs.


Violin Repair & Restoration

Applying gun stock oil to the wood finish.

After filling the grain applied gun stock oil finish
Clamping the fingerboard onto the violin neck


Violin Repair & Restoration

Clamping the fingerboard onto the violin neck.


Violin Repair & Restoration

Final set up and restringing the instrument.

Final set up and restring the instrument
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