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EPIPHONE Caballero FT30 Vintage 1964

The guitar has a warm, mellow tone, handling blues and folk fingerstyle playing particularly well, and a surprisingly full sound when strummed. It’s in very good condition, the Mahogany body contrasting with the tortoiseshell pickguard and binding. The neck is comfortable with good playing action, and the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard feels very responsive. Typically there is lots of cool looking lacquer checking adding to this vintage instrument’s character and natural charm. EPIPHONE "Texan" Peter Frampton Signature Limited Edition

Price  £
  • Solid Mahogany top back and sides

  • Tortoiseshell binding that matches the tortoiseshell scratch plate

  • Brazilian Rosewood fret board

This Caballero was built at Gibson’s “Kalamazoo” (Michigan) factory in 1964 by the same designers and craftsmen building Gibson guitars

It is virtually the same specification as a Gibson LG1using the same quality materials and hard ware but keeping the Epiphone headstock design and decal on the scratchplate and using different labelling and numbering systems.

The original “Ford Edsel” (plastic) bridge was replaced at some point with a Rosewood bridge. The guitar comes with a new Epiphone Hard Shell case (00 size).

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